PR Removal

What is PR Removal, how does it work and how is it different from laser?
PR Removal is a special and unique solution whose constituent elements are very similar to pigments. The ingredients of this solution are combined in case of physical contact with the pigments in the skin, but it is designed in such a way that unlike pigments, it does not remain under the surface of the skin and repels the surface under the skin, thus the pigment. Combinations with PR Removal simply come out from under the skin.

The method of removing or more precisely removing pigments (color pigments) by PR Removal is fundamentally different from laser treatment. PR Removal solution is a unique formula and composition that removes the pigments implanted under the skin surface through the skin surface, while in laser treatment, the laser causes the pigments to be crushed and spread.

Removing or removing tattoos (permanent makeup) requires patience. The creative PR method is cautious and non-aggressive and is done in a few sessions. With this method, the rate of deep wound formation, scarring and the risk of colloid formation is reduced to zero, so the success of this method is over 95%.
Scaling of the treated area is normal, and removing the scabs from the treatment site can cause re-scarring of the area.

Removal after care

Removal care is very important, so 50% of treatment success depends on aftercare.

No contact of the treated area with water for up to 3 days after removal;
It is recommended to use the repairing cream after each Removo session daily and 3 times a day, until all the inflammations of the treated area, including the wound and its scaling, disappear. This stage requires 10 to 14 days of patience;
Do not use decorative or hygienic cosmetics in the area under treatment during the repair period of Remo (10 to 14 days)

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