Familiarity with some terms that are incorrectly common today among applicants and even some artists in the field of permanent makeup.

(Artist) means a person who does the work of permanent makeup and is not related to her degree and position in this field.

Micropigmentation actually has the same meaning as permanent makeup that is used in the world of PMU (Permanent MakeUp) today.
Micropigmentation is the implantation of a pigment in the epidermal layer of the skin, which is done by very fine needles and razors. In fact, the difference between micropigmentation and old tattoos is that due to the use of newer, more advanced and delicate tools Wet, micropigmentation can be considered an almost non-invasive procedure because the pigment is not implanted in the deep layers of the skin.
Note that the depth of pigment implantation in the skin is entirely related to the experience and skill of the artist or pigmenter, which has been repeatedly stated by the founder of the PR Academy when introducing his and his students’ various portfolios.
Micropigmentation is done for different areas of the face and body (eyebrows, eyes, lips, etc.) that each part has different techniques and methods.

Microbleeding is one of the pigment implantation methods that, as its name suggests, the pigment implantation method is performed by very fine blades.
Microbleeding, micro-shading, etc. All these words are the names of the methods that are named according to the tools and the appearance they create, for example, micro-shading is a method that creates a powdery appearance and a light shadow.
You can find detailed information about this method provided by PRAcademy in the Microblading and Microshading sections.

Fibrosis is the name of a department of Phi Academy services in the field of eyebrows, which is active in the field of training and providing permanent and beauty makeup services. PhiBrows is actually the name of the academy and Brows means eyebrows. Many times, esteemed applicants ask what is eyebrow fibrosis or do you have fibrosis? And many artists even use the term eyebrow fibrosis to describe services, which is a misnomer.

Eyebrow PR is actually one of the proprietary methods of the PR Academy, which is derived from the word Professional meaning professional.
This method was invented and unveiled by Ms. Roshani, the founder of the PR Academy.
For more information about this method, you can refer to the PR Professional section on the site.
Silhouette and Fresh Brows methods are other proprietary and innovative methods of Ms. Roshani.
PR Academy always tries to provide the best services and information to its applicants and students by using its up-to-date knowledge.