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In the past and before the invention of mascara, women used different materials to shape their eyelashes and eyebrows to increase beauty and noticeability. Today, due to the development of the fashion and beauty industry, these activities are performed by various materials.

Over the years, cosmetologists have developed new ways to make eyelashes more beautiful. Today, everyone is talking about the new trend of eyebrow lift. This is an advanced and semi-permanent method that uses the best natural eyelashes to give a wonderful look to the eyes.

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What is a lift?

Lift is a treatment in which your eyelashes or natural eyebrows are made taller and fuller by using harmless chemical products. In this method, perm lotion is used to lift and curl the eyelashes. In eyelash lift, no hair or foreign body is attached to the eyebrow.
Women who prefer a natural look choose this treatment because, unlike extensions, it is a good solution for those who want to look good when they go to work or shopping every day. With the lift, you can be sure that your eyelashes and eyebrows will not start falling out after only three weeks. This method gives the best results in the first 4 weeks after treatment. Then for another four weeks, it slowly loses its shape and the effect of the material disappears.

Who is the elevator for?

The lift is for all those who want longer eyelashes and attractive and longer eyebrows. It is also the best option for all those who prefer a more natural look.
The lift will have the best results in those who have long eyelashes. Curling them definitely gives them volume and makes them look amazing.

Lift aftercare

One of the benefits of lift treatment is that subsequent care is by no means complicated. You should follow the following tips only 24 hours after treatment and after that, you can continue your normal daily routine: Here are the things to look for:
  • Do not apply mascara for 24 hours after treatment
  • Do not wet eyelashes.
  • Do not put any product on your eyelashes or eyebrows during the treatment period;
  • Do not touch your eyelashes

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