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Permanent makeup is the focus of many people today. Therefore, PR Academy, as a leader in this field in Iran, has provided the required services (eyeliner and lipstick) at the highest quality level.
In today’s daily life, women have many occupations, and among all the occupations, trying to maintain and have a beautiful appearance is one of the most important points. Not all humans are created with tidy eyebrows, well-shaped lips, and long eyelashes. For this reason, the art of permanent makeup has become more popular among women today, and permanent lipstick or lip tattoo is an important part of permanent makeup.
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What is Permanent Lipstick?

Permanent lipstick involves placing pigments under the first layer of your lip skin, also known as a lip tattoo. With the help of expert and experienced professors, as well as organic and lasting PR colors, the result will be very natural.

Who is a good candidate for permanent lipstick treatment?

This treatment is a good solution for those who like to apply lipstick but do not want to worry about it getting clean after every meal or drink. Every woman loves to apply lipstick but does not like the hassle of using it several times a day. This method is also suitable for people who want to give their lips a prominent look. (Although this method does not work like gel and filler, but completely corrects the shape of the lips) For people who have dark lips, even men who often suffer from dark lips due to smoking and want to shape and color their lips Correct and beautify this method is also suitable. Permanent lipstick is also great for rough lips and makes them look more symmetrical.

Post-work care

Your lips will be swollen and dark after the operation. The recovery period lasts 5 to 7 days, during which you should do the following:
  • Keep your lips oily.
  • Clean them with a cotton ball and a little water after each meal.
  • Do not apply makeup for a week. Avoid spicy foods.
  • It is also recommended to use it for ozone drinks.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.

How long does the healing period last?

The recovery period lasts about a week. At first your lips swell and become a little scaly. Also, the color looks too intense, but 50% of it fades during the first week. In this course, you should follow the religious points that the professors have pointed out to you in order to avoid causing any discomfort during your recovery.


Permanent lipstick is a method that needs to be repaired for more durability. However, repair is not mandatory. The first repair should be done 4 to 8 weeks after the initial treatment. Once the inflammation at the treatment site has resolved, there may be spots that need to be filled in to correct it. Frequent repairs depend on your skin type and lifestyle. Annual repairs are recommended if you want to preserve the color as much as possible. People with oily skin should have their hair repaired every six months. Also, people whose skin is frequently exposed to the sun and water may need to have their lip tattoos repaired frequently. Colors in this skin type are prone to fade faster.

Eyeliner Permanent

Women who are very interested in makeup must use eyeliner, which is always one of their concerns to draw and maintain it. This is why many prefer to have their eyeliner permanently.

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