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Parisa Roshani Parisa Roshani

Parisa Roshani

PR Founder

PR Academy, with management of Parisa Roshani and the private investment, started its activities in the field of training and permanent make up services, with the support of skilled proffesors, in 2017 in Iran. Creating a suitable atmosphere to discover the hidden talents all through Iran, this Academy has trained skilled teachers in different branches of permanent make up and beauty.

After training and receiving certificate, graduates of this Academy, will be supported and supervised by the Academy's professors, in order to maintain the gauranteed quality of PR permanent make up services, and also to upgrade their knowledge to the new techniques of the world.

Having a great management and with the attempts of the professors, PR Academy has the honour to inform its success to train more than 750 students. In addition to creating employment for Irainian women, the Academy's goal is, promotion of the name of Iran and the Iranian art in the International level.

PR Services

PR Services

PR Academy with well known artists and expert also using the organic Product with the best Quality made by Germany , Always Provide the best services in Permanent Makeup Industry

PR Brows

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent features of a person’s face and have the power to completely change the look of the face. Sadly, not everyone is born with perfectly shaped eyebrows. Also, the trend always changes and dense, bushy and natural looking brows are in fashion for quite some time now. Provide the best Services in this field and enables you to have them all natural looking, so more and more women and men, as well, are interested in the procedure.

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PR Contour

Permanent makeup is becoming more and more popular, especially among those who want to look good as soon as they wake up an don’t want to waste time on making their brows even or making their lips plump every morning. is the first and the Best Provider in Permanent makeup industry in Iran that gives you the finest services.

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PR Lift

Through the years, cosmeticians have discovered new ways of making lashes longer and more distinguishable. Nowadays, everybody’s talking about a hot new trend – lash lift. It is an advanced, that will make the best of your natural lashes, giving your eyes an extraordinary look.

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PR Removal

Hate your permanent makeup? Hate your microbladed eyebrows? Need an eyebrow tattoo correction? If you are desperately waiting for a day to get rid of your bad PMU or tattoo, can help! No matter what your permanent makeup or tattoo removal needs are, PR team will work hard to ensure you leave with no scarring, no skin damage, and with the skin you've always wanted!

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PR Body Tattoo

For many people, getting a tattoo is like purchasing art, and many professional and famous tattooists are artists who are acknowledged by colleagues and authorities. Provide the best services with the best tattoo artists.

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PR Nail

Nail art has become more creative and artistic and many trends have followed, such as the addition of symbols, crystals, air brushing, nail wraps, magnetic polish, crackle polish, acrylic, gel polish and the list goes on. Nail art has truly become integrated into the world of fashion and is now sported as an accessory to any look. has the best known of the nail artist to provide the finest services

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PR Masters

PR Masters

Masters of PR Academy are up to date with the latest trends and techniques in permanent makeup Industry . They teach these unique experience to their Student.

  • Parisa Roshani


  • Nasrin Kamandlou

    Master of PR Brows & PR Contour & PR Removal

  • Mahtab Tavakoli

    Master of PR Brows & PR Contour

  • Elham Shahrivari

    Master of PR Contour & Fresh Brows

  • Nazanin Afif

    Master of PR Brows

  • Neda Jalilvand

    Master of PR Brows & PR Contour

  • Elnaz Rezaei

    Master of PR Brows

  • Fatemeh Kashani

    Master of PR Brows

  • Leila Yahyapoor

    Master of PR Brows & PR contour

  • Marzie Alizade

    Master of PR Brows

  • Parisa Forootan

    Master of PR Contour & Fresh Brows

  • Zahra Eskandari

    Master of Fresh Brows

  • Zahra Khoshooei

    Master of PR Brows & PR Contour

  • Tahere Firouz

    Master of PR Brows & PR Contour

  • Fereshteh Salamat

    Master of PR Lift

  • Sepideh Khanloo

    Master of PR Nail

  • Mehdi Roshani

    Master of body tattoo

  • Ayda Nabavi

    Master of Lash & Brows Lift

  • Nastaran Shojaei

    Master of PR Brows Lifting

PR Artists

PR Artists

PR Academy has the honor to inform its success to train more than 750 students All around the IRAN. Founder of PR Academy, Parisa Roshani believes that supporting the students is the key of the provide better Services.

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