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Founder of Academy PR

Parisa Roshani

Parisa Roshani is an Iranian actress and the founder of Academy PR. Ms Roshani has ten years of experience in the field of Permanent Makeup at international level.

Parisa Studied at the University of Art of Iran/Tehran

The main goal of this academy is to promote beauty in men & women and combined the techniques of Permanent Makeup for the first time

Parisa has participated in the Turkish PMU International Festival as Speaker and Arbitrator and has received a high level of refereeing and lecturing award

The Academy PR has 750 active students in Iran and at international level too, the countries such as England, Germany, UAE, Bahrain and so on…

Another essential goal of Parisa is training and helping men and women who are victims of an accident, burn and acid, and alopecia and famine and also cancer, she has been working on a good cause as an NGO to support the victims and help the people with a long lasting and nasty disease. Having a three-dimensional skill, makes the treatment more promising, and the service is cost-free.

Academy PR is highly recognised and reputable in the industry of permanent makeup because of the quality of training and products.

Our products are all organic, made in Germany and are world-renowned. The work of Academy PR artists has the highest standards and we made our reputation in the field over the past decade.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question about our courses, products and educations via pracademyparisaroshani@academy-pr.com